Improve the Safety of Your Rental Property

  • 3 years ago

Do you own rental property? While it makes an excellent investment, it can also turn into a huge liability if you do not keep the property up to safety standards.

Landlords musty legally protect their tenants. Failure to do so can result in a lawsuit that will cost time and money.

Here is how you can improve the safety of your rental property to avoid any issues.

Light Up the Outside

Add external lighting to increase your unit’s safety. Keeping things lit makes burglars less likely to target your unit, because of the risk of somebody seeing them. It also decreases the risk of falls.

View the rental property at night to see any areas that appear very dark. Typically, landlords will add a floodlight over the garage, front door, and back door.

You might also put one on an especially dark side of the house. Aqueduct lighting along the walkway adds a luxurious look as well as an additional safety feature.

Install a Security System

A home security system deters about 60% of burglars. This makes it a great feature for keeping your tenants and their belongings safe.

A simple alarm system that triggers a 911 call will do the trick. You might also opt for a higher-end system that offers video and live updates to the tenant’s phone.

Put Up Security Details

A sign that confirms a security system works almost as well as the system itself. Make it very clear that you monitor your properties with security cameras and alarms. This will make it unappealing to thefts.

Check Alarms and Detectors

Consistently check fire alarms and CO2 detectors in the house. Replace the batteries every 6 months and ensure that they work properly.

Failure to do this can result in a deadly fire or poisoning that you would be responsible for. Also, watch the expiration dates on your detectors, because they may seem to work and then not actually do the job when it counts.

Secure Entrances

Secure all openings to the home. This includes all doors and windows.

Install window locks that do not allow somebody to open them from the outside. Keep a blocking bar in all sliding glass doors.

Door locks work for honest people, as somebody who wants to break in can typically break it. Deadbolts offer an extra element of protection. For apartment safety, keep a security lock on the main entrance to the buildings.

Hire a Property Manager

Keeping up with rental safety can prove difficult. It creates a full-time job if you own multiple units.

Hire a property manager to help. They will stay up to date on all of the changing rental laws. They will also keep the property up to code and constantly safe.

Is Safety Your Priority?

Is safety your priority with property management? If not, rethink your strategy.

The safety of your tenants should come above anything else. Keeping them safe also protects you legally.

We want to help you take on this important task. Check out our property management services today and see how we can work with you.

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