Should Your WaterSound Property Become Pet Friendly?

  • 3 years ago
Should Your WaterSound Property Become Pet Friendly?

Did you know that more than 70% of renters own a pet?

Based on these numbers, more than half of tenants want to live with their furry friends. However, there are still many landlords that have their reservations when it comes to pets.

If you’re considering making your rental properties in WaterSound pet friendly, we’re here to give you some valuable advice.

Below we talk about the benefits of a pet friendly rental as we see it.

You Can Charge Higher Rent

One of the main advantages of pet friendly rentals is the ability to charge higher rent. Because not every building is pet friendly, tenants are willing to pay a bit more money on rent to have their furry friends live with them.

Not to mention, you will be able to charge your tenants higher non-refundable pet fees. For the most part, pet owners committed to finding a pet-friendly building will ensure their pets don’t destroy the property.

Some landlords even charge a small monthly rent per pet to their tenants, adding up significantly over time.

Retain Your Tenants Longer

Those building owners who decide to allow pets in rental units tend you maintain their tenants for longer. Because pet owners have a hard time finding units that allow pets, they will remain in that unit for as long as possible.

Finding new tenants costs money to building owners each time they need to advertise a unit. Keeping the same tenants for many years helps you build a relationship with your tenants and build trust.

If you make it easy for your tenants to keep their pets, they will live at your unit a lot longer and save you money.

Attract Happy and Healthy Tenants

Pets are not only great companions, but they also help people reduce stress, have health benefits, and may even help people live long, healthy lives.

If you decide to allow pets in your building, you will have a building full of happy and healthy tenants. When tenants are happy, everyone is happy.

You Make the Rules

Even if you decide to allow your WaterSound tenants to have pets, it’s important not to forget you still make the rules.

It’s up to you to set breed and weight limitations in your units. If you want to ban certain breeds or restrict the number of pets your tenants are allowed to have, you’re within your rights to do so.

You can also require your tenants to submit yearly proof of vaccination. Some landlords also choose to meet the pets before they agree to let tenants move in.

Make Your Units Safer

It’s no secret that some dogs make excellent guardians and love to protect their owners against intruders.

By barking at foreign or unknown sounds, dogs can help protect against trespassers and potential break-ins.

Are You Ready to Have a Pet Friendly Rental?

Now that you know about the benefits of pet friendly rental units, you’re ready to let in new tenants.

Allowing tenants to have pets will allow you to charge more for rent, keep your tenants longer, and even make your units safer.

If you’re looking for a property manager for your units in WaterSound, contact us for more information.

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