Three Tips for Finding the Perfect Long-Term Rental Building

  • 3 years ago
Three Tips for Finding the Perfect Long-Term Rental Building

Consider this scenario. You just moved into what you thought was your dream apartment, and then you discover a roach problem, and some other issues with the plumbing that are causing plumbers and other contractors to traipse in and out of your condo all day long.

Your rugs are ruined, your work-life balance is shot, and you can’t sleep at night worrying about your current situation.

Sounds dire, right? Well, this is what could happen to your tenants if you don’t spend time and effort searching for the right long-term rental building. Don’t just sign up for the first “great” place that comes along.

Let’s go over the three tips that will ensure you find your dream unit within your budget, and in a good neighborhood.

  1. Speak to Current Renters if Possible

If you have found a building that looks like it might be ideal, stop and take a step back. Don’t let your rose-colored glasses influence your decision.

Go around the neighborhood and see what it’s like. Are there any bars or clubs that could be noisy late at night? Any construction projects going on that could prevent your tenants from being comfortable?

Also, take your dog for a walk (or borrow a friend’s dog) and have conversations with people who live in and around the building to get a feel for what it’s like to live there.

  1. Always Go for Referrals from Relatives and Friends First

It’s a great world we live in where the internet gives you access to all these buildings and houses that you would never have had access to before. However, it’s important to realize that offline referrals still count for a lot.

In your network of friends, relatives, and colleagues, you can probably get wind of many buildings or houses that would be ideal for you and in your budget. So, don’t discount this old-fashioned way of doing things just yet.

  1. Consider What Kind of Rental Amenities Are a Deal Maker for You

Finding your perfect building isn’t just about the good neighborhood that it’s in or the rental rates. It also has a lot to do with the kind of amenities that are available.

If having a gym in your building is an absolute must, or if you don’t want a pool in your building, because of the extra cost involved, then consider all this when looking for a long-term rental building. You don’t want to purchase a place and then realize it’s not for you, because it doesn’t have what you’re looking for.

Finding A Long-Term Rental Means You Can Enjoy Your Life

Once you find that long-term rental building that’s right for you (and it’s unique for each landlord), then you can settle in for the long haul. You can spend your time enjoying life and doing what you need to do to make it a great place to live for your tenants.

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