The Benefits of Spring Move-Ins: Why Spring is a Great Time to Rent Out Your Property

  • 1 year ago
The Benefits of Spring Move-Ins: Why Spring is a Great Time to Rent Out Your Property

About 65.8% of homes in the US are occupied by homeowners, with the other 34.2% being occupied by renters.

Owning a rental property is a great way to generate recurring income, but there are a lot of things to manage. When you decide to list your property could have a sizable impact on how easy it is to find tenants, as well as the rental price you can get for it. Spring move-ins tend to be a popular choice for several reasons.

In this rental property guide, we’ll go over why a spring move-in is ideal. Keep reading for more.

High Demand

The easiest time to find tenants for a rental property is when there’s a lot of demand. Spring is a popular time to move, so there will be plenty of people on the hunt for a new home.

The pleasant weather is inviting but still lacks the heat of the summer, so it’s a good time for people to go to various viewings. With more people looking, the real estate market tends to boom this time of year.

The Season of New Beginnings

Many people associate spring with new beginnings, as is seen a lot in nature. This feeling influences people’s lives in various ways and even impacts the property market. Because of this, many people choose to seek out a new home in the spring, so it’s a suitable time to list your property.

Better Curb Appeal

First impressions are vital when showing your property to potential renters. Things naturally look better in the spring due to the weather and light—especially when coming out of winter.

When people arrive at your property, strong curb appeal will have a huge impact on their decision. If they don’t like the look of your home from the outside, they’ll probably make their decision before even going in.

Make sure you take the time to deal with any issues on the outside. Mow the lawn, clean the pathway, and make the most of any vegetation around the front of your property.

Spring Light Helps with Photography

When people are looking for a new rental property, they usually start their search online. You need to have your property listed, and the quality of your listing will determine how many people want to come and see the property in person.

Because of this, you should have quality pictures on there, and pictures tend to come out best in spring. Natural lighting can make both the exterior and interior of a home look better. As the photos won’t require much (if any) editing, you’ll also be able to list your property faster.

Better Weather for Moving

One of the reasons people prefer to move in spring is because it’s simply more practical. In the winter, the days are short and cold, which isn’t great for viewing properties or transporting belongings. Similarly, the summer can be too hot, which also isn’t ideal.

Spring has plenty of daylight so it’s more enjoyable, and the weather is far more reasonable. Moving homes is a big task, so doing it at a suitable time of the year is preferable for anyone.

Spring Move-Ins for Your Property

With all the benefits of a rental property, owning one can be great for anybody. Spring move-ins are ideal for most people, but it can still be a lengthy task for both the tenants and the owner.

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