Preparing Your Rental Unit for a Hurricane

  • 3 years ago
Preparing Your Rental Unit for a Hurricane

Did you know that hurricanes have gotten twice as strong on average and will only get worse as climate change continues?

If you’re in charge of a rental property, it’s important to do everything you can to prepare. The last thing you’d want is to put your tenants in danger.

If you are wondering what you need to do to be ready, let’s learn all about preparing your rental unit for a hurricane.

Maintain the Surrounding Trees

When it comes to preparing a rental property for hurricanes, you can start by trimming or removing any possible problem trees. If an old tree falls, for instance, it could damage property or even crush people. By getting rid of it completely, you’ll eliminate the risk.

Younger and more stable trees would only need to be trimmed so that the hurricane doesn’t take their more fragile branches and use them as ammo. A branch flying through a window can be just as dangerous as a falling tree.

Inspect and Repair the Roofs

Inspecting the roof of your rental unit is one of the most crucial hurricane procedures. This is because a weak roof can be peeled off from the home as easily as a yogurt lid.

Both the inspection and the repairs should be done by a trained and licensed professional.

Make Sure Your Insurance is Good

You mustn’t forget to ensure that your property insurance is up to date. It’s an unfortunate fact that some property damage will be unavoidable no matter what you do to prepare.

Having the right property insurance can give you peace of mind. That way, even if a destructive category 5 comes barreling through, you’ll have your insurance to rely on.

It may even be time to get a better insurance plan before something big like that happens.

Keep Your Tenants Informed

Communicating with your residents is another staple of hurricane safety as a reliable landlord. They’ll look to you for help and guidance on what to do. It’s worth sharing an email or letter with them explaining how best to prepare for a hurricane.

While they shouldn’t worry about landscaping, for instance, they should bring grills and other porch items inside. It’s also important for them to purchase enough food and water in case things get really bad.

Other hurricane necessities include candles, batteries, flashlights, flares, first aid, and more.

Are You Ready to Protect Your Rental Unit?

Now that you’ve learned all about how to prepare your rental unit for a hurricane, you can make sure you and your tenants are safe and sound. As hurricanes become more and more violent, being prepared will make all the difference between staying safe and being the victim of a tragedy.

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