How to Welcome and Keep Great Tenants

  • 3 years ago
How to Welcome and Keep Great Tenants

Did you know that more American households are renting homes than ever before?

With a rise in renters, it’s only natural that property managers will want to cultivate a lasting community of great tenants.

However, even the best tenants can grow frustrated with their rental situation. So, how do you prevent good tenants from leaving?

We’re here to give you a breakdown. If you’re part of a rental property management team, you can learn the best ways to welcome and keep great tenants.

Be Accessible

If you plan on keeping tenants, you need to be easily accessible. When welcoming tenants to their apartment, give them your contact information.

Don’t limit yourself to just one means of contact, a phone number and email address is a good combo. You don’t have to give out your personal cellphone number if you’re not comfortable either. Use a separate work cellphone or a mobile app that gives you a virtual phone number.

Quick responses are essential. They show your tenants that you care about their stay in your property.

If you can’t always respond quickly, have an emergency hotline set up in addition to your standard number. This will help you separate less urgent calls from emergencies.

Be Upfront from the Start

Don’t leave tenants feeling bamboozled. The last thing you want is miscommunication leading to the loss of great tenants.

When it comes to rental property management, the best way to build a strong reputation is by being upfront from the very start. Give them background on your experience as a property manager and testimonials from past tenants.

Outline your policies in both listings, during viewings, and lease signings. It will ensure that your tenants know exactly what you expect from them.

The enforcement of rules is also essential for ensuring new tenants enjoy their stay. You don’t want new tenants to get a negative impression of your property due to existing tenants causing trouble. Uniformity will lead to the best tenants across the board.

Keep Things Running Smoothly

If a tenant reaches out to you about a maintenance issue, solve it as quickly as possible. Not only will it give your tenant a good impression of your management style, but it will also keep your units in good shape for future tenants.

A tenant might not file a maintenance request if they feel a problem isn’t worth bothering you about. Routine maintenance checks solve this by nipping any problems in the bud.

Give Them a Warm Welcome

When it comes to welcoming tenants, it’s better to be a little overzealous than cold and distant. Give your tenants a brief on the area and any neighborhood advice.

Be sure to also give them information on the local utility companies. It will save them the headache of trying to find a compatible company.

Now is also the time to build a personal relationship with your tenants. Great tenants stick around if they feel comfortable contacting and talking with the property management team.

Keeping Your Rental Property Management Team Above the Rest

It’s every rental property management team’s goal to build a strong community of great tenants. A warm welcome and follow-through are essential to keeping tenants and building a great reputation as a property rental business. The tips above will help you build those relationships and keep great tenants for years to come.

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