How to Rent Your House in 2022: A Complete Guide

  • 2 years ago
How to Rent Your House in 2022: A Complete Guide

With Florida rental prices rising, could you make money from your house by renting it? It’s the perfect time to consider whether you could make money from your most valuable asset.

But before you rent your house, you’ll need to know the essential steps to ensure the rental process goes as smoothly as possible. Here is our complete guide to renting your property in 2022.

Check Safety Regulations

You’ll need to make sure your rental property is safe for residents and abides by all regulations for your state. You’ll need to get any changes or upgrades done before putting your house up for rent.

It’s also worth knowing upfront your legal responsibilities as a landlord. You can find more information about Florida’s landlord and tenant laws by heading here.

Renovate Your House

You’ll probably want to make more updates to your house beyond the statutory requirements. For example, your house rental agreement will happen faster if it’s in a good state of repair.

That means replacing old floors, bathroom, and kitchen tiles and paying for a deep clean of the property.

You should also pay attention to improving the front and back yard to make them look presentable. Go for low-maintenance options such as stone patios that won’t require much upkeep from your tenant or you.

Research Rental Prices

Do some research into your local area to find asking prices for similar properties. Pay close attention to the location and amenities nearby.

You might find similar-style homes with similar square footage. However, your home may command a higher asking price if you are close to popular shopping or dining districts.

Choose a Property Management Service

You could try to list your property independently. But for the best chance of getting a fast and reliable rental, you should opt for a property management service.

Arrange Viewings

If you opt for a property agency they will arrange and conduct the viewings on your behalf.

You’ll need to make sure the property is available, vacant, with all keys (including garage and rear doors), and the house is clean and presentable.

Review Applications and References

Once you find tenants interested in securing your property, it’s time for you to go through reviewing all the applications.

A property management company can support you here to check important details such as references. That will give you the peace of mind that your property is with a trustworthy tenant.

Finalize the Rental Agreement

Once the application process is complete, it’s time for both parties to sign the rental agreement.

Rent Your House the Smart Way

If you decide to rent your house this year, don’t risk going it alone. Use our expert team to ensure the process goes smoothly from start to finish. Doing so will help you find the best and most reliable tenant for your home.

Why not contact our team today and find out what our property management service can do for you?

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