5 Reasons Why Rental Properties Are Great Investments in Destin

  • 3 years ago
5 Reasons Why Rental Properties Are Great Investments in Destin

When it comes to finding a good way to get your money working for you, the options seem endless and the risks unknown. Hidden among the financial instruments like bonds and funds is a proven winner that can bring you income right away…real estate.

Specifically, we’re talking rental properties, which remain among the best investment opportunities for those willing to take the risk. Rental property investment in Destin provides tax advantages and diversifies your portfolio to improve your chances to build wealth.

Let’s take a quick look at five of the best reasons buying Destin rental property should be an investment you consider.

  1. Personal Control

Unlike when you put money into a mutual fund or even buy stocks directly, you have a lot of personal control over your investment. You aren’t dependent on a fund manager or a company’s board of directors to take advantage of opportunities in the market.

Being directly responsible for the outcome of your investment will mean that you need to have a good system to analyze the cash flow for a property before you start taking out equity or rental property loans. This allows you to properly leverage your time and knowledge to find great property deals.

  1. Stable Demand

While the price of buying a house goes up and down, there is always a demand for rentals because people need a place to live. Right now, renters are outpacing buyers with the number of renter-occupied households growing by 29 percent over the last 20 years. Combine that with extremely low vacancy rates at the moment, and you have a very stable source of income.

Rental property has been around since the dawn of civilization, so it’s an investment you can count on. If you’re investing for long-term gains, it can be a fairly stable and predictable investment.

  1. Simple and Straightforward

Unlike cryptocurrencies or other hot investment ideas, rentals are an investment that’s easy to understand and one that’s simple to develop a strategy for. If you’ve ever owned your own house, the process of buying property and even getting rental property insurance and scheduling routine maintenance is familiar to you.

Also, you’ll find a lot of information out there about investing in real estate and plenty of people you can talk to for ideas and advice.

  1. Variety

A diverse portfolio is always a plus when investing, and rentals give you quite the choice for variety. There are many options for the type of property you invest in, such as single-family, multifamily, office buildings, and Section 8 for example. You also can focus on large or small, new or old, and more in narrowing down your options.

Destin rental properties also provide different ways for you to profit from the investment. These include cash flow, appreciation, and even tax benefits.

  1. Passive Income

Best of all, rental properties give you the chance to make money without having a job. The money comes in whether you’re doing anything or not.

While this isn’t a 100 percent passive investment, you can make it more so by outsourcing the landlord process. This means someone else takes care of finding and screening tenants, collecting rent, and managing repairs.

Investing in Destin Rental Properties?

Real estate has been a sound investment for centuries, and with rental properties, you see a return on your investment immediately with cash flow from rents. With vacancy rates so low, you’re almost guaranteed to have your properties full and earning for you quickly.

When searching for rental properties, you want your property to show up as a search option. Contact us to talk about how to get your Destin, FL property found, and your options for professional management of your investment.

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